Is it raining? Great!

Is it raining? Great!
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Are you in Porto and the clouds decided to keep you company? The truth is that, as a rule, we have a little over 100 rainy days a year, which is great news, as they give you the perfect excuse to enjoy Porto's most welcoming corners!


Grab your brolly - yup, there are no umbrellas in Porto! - and follow us along these suggestions for grey rainy days.




Just because the rain continues to pour, it does not mean that you have to postpone your city tour! In addition to the sightseeing buses, you can choose to ride the Line 22, or the City Centre Line, from Porto Tram City Tour. In a circular route between Carmo and Batalha, you will get to know the most important arteries of the city centre in a historic tram.


Not far away, you can take shelter - that is, lose yourself - in Livraria Lello. The staircase leading to the upper floor and the magnificent stained-glass window on the ceiling are real gems. It is not by chance that this bookstore has served as inspiration for J. Rowling's famous book, "Harry Potter" and, as you can imagine, it perfectly combines with a rainy day melancholy!


Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange) is another option that never disappoints, where Architecture and History are able to make us forget the weather outside - the famous Arabian Hall transports anyone to warmer and exotic climates.


But the options do not end here! There are many other tours and points of interest that you can enjoy on a grey rainy day.




When you think about shopping on a rainy day, you usually think of shopping centres, but let us present you some less overcrowded alternatives!


The Bom Sucesso Market, besides being a place of leisure and commerce, has to offer you a great gastronomic variety and diverse cultural events - concerts, show cookings and workshops for families are some examples.


If you want to buy original souvenirs, be sure to visit places like Castelbel or A Vida Portuguesa. The first shop is dedicated to the production of luxury soaps and fragrances, inspired by the aromas, colours and environment of Portugal, and in the second shop you can find all kinds of classic articles of Portuguese creation. Throughout the city, there are numerous cozy spaces, which invite you to take your time and pamper yourself and those you love.




A warm drink in a cozy place is all we need on a rainy day! The ambience at Café Guarany invites you to take a break as you watch the rain pour down the windows of the facade, overlooking the iconic Avenida dos Aliados.


If you prefer an even more cozy environment, you can always try the Afternoon Tea at the Grande Hotel do Porto. Warm up your body and soul with tea and scones, we guarantee you will forget the rain and the cold!


For the more daring, a meal or just a drink at the 17º Restaurante & Bar is the ideal solution for the gloom of a grey day. Located on the top two floors of Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown, it guarantees you a panoramic view of the city, without needing to get wet.


Still, be sure to take a peek, here, all the options the city has to offer!




There are many spaces in Porto where you can enjoy as a family. Take the kids and head towards Porto Planetarium so you  can discover the cosmos together, in a virtual and immersive trip, without a single drop of rain!


If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground or at least on the deck of a ship, be sure to visit the World of Discoveries. This interactive museum and theme park recreates the fantastic odyssey of Portuguese navigators to discover a world still unknown. Here there’s plenty of water, but we can assure you that it is not rain!


Another dry option, although surrounded by water, is Sea Life Porto. Be amazed by the country's first underwater tunnel, on a trip between rivers and oceans.


The truth is you will not need the raincoat to enjoy most of the entertainment options that the city offers.




We all know that rain means blanket and sofa, so nothing better than enjoying the end of a grey rainy day to unwind!


Whether at the Porto Palácio Hotel's Wellness & Beauty Lab, The Spa at the Sheraton Hotel or at the Satsanga Spa at Vila Galé Hotel, take time to lie down, close your eyes and listen to the rain outside.


Porto has several relaxation offers where you will undoubtedly feel at home.




If you have a scheduled trip to Porto and the weather forecast predicts rain and more rain, do not despair. The grey weather shows you another side of Porto, not less charming and cozy!

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Published 28-02-2018