Tacita Dean

This 2019 exhibition is an exciting opportunity for Tacita to present "Boots" as well as her latest film project, Antigone, which premiered in Spring 2018 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, as part of a collaboration of this London institution with the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. "Antigone" has been in the making over several years and the ideas have been manifesting in the artist's work over the past three decades, mostly in "Boots." The one-hour film is an epic exploration of the artist’s sister name Antigone, which features the poet Anne Carson and actor Stephen Dillane. This film project evokes the eponymous mythological figure (Antigone) and her blind and lame father, Oedipus.
In addition to the films, the exhibition features two of the artist's latest large-scale slate designs, as well as a multi-part photogravure.


  • Promoter: Serralves Foundation
  • Tags: Exposições, Cinema, Special events, e mais...
  • From: 29-01-2019
  • To: 05-05-2019
  • Target audience: General public

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