Human Body - The Science of Life

Seen by many as a complete anatomy class, it is an exciting journey inside the human body, where one sees how it works.
The exhibition, which has been exhibited in big world capitals, has been visited by millions of people worldwide, is one of the largest exhibitions on the human body, internationally recognized for the quality of its collection and pedagogical reach.
It comprises more than 100 organs, bone structures and eight complete human bodies, perfectly preserved through the plastination process, explained by 120 large illuminated panels. Through images and informative texts, the visitor is guided to an anatomical discovery that goes through the respiratory, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive and reproductive systems.
Physical, mental and social health is treated as a whole, with a deep knowledge of the anatomy and the functioning of the human body that can be visited in more than 1500m2 of exhibition area.


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  • From: 01-02-2019
  • To: 20-10-2019
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