RAVE/Projeto 19

“Do you want to be a “photographer”?
We borrowed the title of a Bukowski poem, replacing the métier he alludes with the one that best fits the context of this exhibition: photography. It can be said that this question will make sense for any area that requires self-determination and self-will that can overcome the inherent difficulties. But it has particular urgency when placed with a group of people who complete a training cycle.
There will be no logical reason to answer this question positively. But there are several reasons for saying “no”. Bukowsky lists them in a clear and straightforward way. I highlight this "if the simple thought of doing it is hard for you, Do not do it."
This exhibition is a selection of the huge work these authors have done. Themes include censorship, children's stories, feminism, transvestism, mass tourism, analogical processes.


  • Promoter: Centro Português de Fotografia
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  • From: 13-07-2019
  • To: 20-10-2019
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