Lulu Santos Eurotour

One of the most successful Brazilian artists, a natural born hitmaker, owner of incontestable classics over a career of more than 30 records, Lulu Santos announces his European tour “PRA SEMPRE”.
After the resounding public success achieved with the debut of the Brazilian tour, the artist now embarks to Europe with a concert dedicated to love. This, incidentally, is one of the most prominent themes in his vast work.
From 1981, Lulu Santos impressed the music scene with his solo work, assuming a prominent role rarely seen in South America for a pop artist. And, right off the bat, he launches a series of hits that were already born as immediate classics of Brazilian music such as: Tempos Modernos, O Último Romântico, Tudo Azul, Toda Forma de Amor, Um Certo Alguém, Assim Caminha a Humanidade, Aviso aos Navegantes, Sereia, De Repente Califórnia.
In addition to his stage career, Lulu also has a prominent place on Brazilian television. When the celebrated programme THE VOICE arrived in Brazil in 2012, Lulu Santos was the first guest to lead the judges, along with Cláudia Leite, Daniel and Carlinhos Brown. In the history of THE VOICE BRASIL, Lulu Santos is the only judge who was in all the seasons.


  • Promoter: Connect Sound Agency
  • Tags: Music, Espectáculos, e mais...
  • From: 16-10-2019
  • To: 16-10-2019
  • Time: 9pm
  • Target audience: General public

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