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Paisagens dos Sentidos/Sentidos da Paisagem
Target audience: General public
Date: 24.11.2019
Time: 11am
Venue: Marta Ortigão Sampaio House Museum
Our memory is made up of many gazes, but also smells, sounds, touches, tastes - memory is landscape, a cartography of our relationship with the world. From the works of the House Museum and the exploration of our senses, we propose a trip to our ...
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Urban Agriculture
Target audience: General public
From: 13.11.2019
To: 04.12.2019
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: Fundação de Serralves
Workshop with Noocity.
Having a vegetable garden or growing part of our own food puts us in touch with the most essential things in our lives. Our health, our food and our relationship with the natural world. Having a vegetable garden goe ...
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Vegetarian and Vegan Food
Target audience: General public
From: 19.11.2019
To: 10.12.2019
Time: Tue: 7pm-9:30pm
Venue: Fundação de Serralves
Workshop with Marta Machado - Mãe Natureza.

This cycle of workshops will cover the basic principles of vegetarian and vegan food and their relationship with sustainability.
Participants will learn how to make simple and nutrition ...
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Atelier de José Rodrigues
Target audience: General public
From: 28.10.2019
To: 10.01.2020
Time: Fri: 4pm-5pm
Venue: Lello Bookshop
This space offers the visitor some works, in clay, plaster and bronze, and the materials that José Rodrigues had in his studio. The guided tour in several languages, allows to know the life and work of the artist in this recreated studio.
G ...
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Is it raining? Great!
Are you in Porto and the clouds decided to keep you company? The truth is that, as a rule, we have a little over 100 rainy days a year, which is great...