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Leisure in Business

Porto View from Gaia Riverside
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

Porto is one of Europe’s most longstanding tourism destinations. Its rich monumental and artistic heritage, Port, food, many leisure spots and cultural life are just a few of the reasons that justify a visit. Its historical centre has stood as World Cultural Heritage since 1996 and, embraced by the river Douro and the Atlantic Ocean, is filled with charming landscapes, marvellous terraces, and combined with delightful green areas.

Discovering Porto means surprises. The city retains traditions but is also modern and creative, as you will see in the streets, architecture, monuments, museums, leisure areas, terraces, commercial areas and exclusive shops. This is a city of experiences, in which you will find something new in every path. Walking through it means swimming in many details and sensations that no perfect postcard can depict.

Icons such as the Torre dos Clérigos, Serralves art museum and Casa da Música are not to be missed, both for their monumental significance, cultural quality and promise of diversity. Cultural and sporting events from the year-long programme fill other spots of the city, and there is always something to do, something to enjoy.

Some of these events cover entire areas of the city, such as Porto’s São João festival, with its peak of celebrations held on the night of 23 June that gathers thousands of people, young and old and all those in between, for a unique celebration.

Come as you may for a short or for a long trip, there is always a perfect way for you to get to know the city: strolling through the city, stopping to see what most interests you most as you enjoy the spectacular views and experience life in this magical urban centre.

Helicopter and tram trips, Segway and bicycle rides, cruises on the Douro on either traditional or jet boats are very special options for your visit. However, you may also like to opt for the panoramic bus tours or guided walks for your sightseeing. There are also customized solutions to accommodate for even the most demanding client.

Night-time in Porto introduces you to a new and different city, with entertainment spots for all tastes. The streets are filled with energy, a good vibe, excitement and people. New bars, cafés, nightclubs, theatres and concert halls keep opening, side by side with renowned ones. The city offers cosy, modern and innovative spaces, where a mixture of different cultures and arts go together, expressing the creativity and vibrancy of their young creators.

And as for shopping, you must know that Porto offers a range of such that reels in people from surrounding cities and regions. From traditional shops, shopping centres, to international brands with exclusive and selected products. New, fresh shopping options are representative of certain areas, such as the Miguel Bombarda quarter.

Give yourself up to Porto and walk along its "calçada portuguesa" cobbles, it’s there waiting for you!

Published 17-11-2012