Why Porto


Porto View - Arrábida
Photo:  Hugo AzevedoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

Porto is increasingly being recommended as a tourist destination. Tales of treasured experiences are featured in newspapers, magazines and on online sites across the world. It has also been awarded Best European Destination 2012 and consumers confirmed their choice in 2014.

Portugal´s second biggest city isn´t so much known for its size but rather for what makes it so different from other destinations: the warmth of its people and its ability to both surprise and excite.

In Porto you´ll find constant diversity and unpredictable contrasts that are fascinating to discover. It is a place caught between past and present; urban mingled with river, sea and fresh air; tradition crossed with innovation; antiquity mixed with modernity. The riverside city is admired for its constant flow of traditions and unusual ways, yet Porto also provokes the desire to explore slowly, from one corner to another on the cobbled streets, savouring every experience, each bit of contact and each piece of hidden space revealed.

What is different about us:

  • Mild climate and hospitality
  • Safety
  • Modern infrastructures and quality services
  • Flexibility of professionals
  • Ability for organizing large events, as referred by the participants and international media
  • Good relation price/quality
  • Good location of the airport close to the city

Congresses and Events

This is also a place which will provide you with all sorts of services when organizing conferences, events or meetings. With its blessed location in the northern region of Portugal, Porto and the region offer a wide range of charming venues for congresses, conferences and events of all shapes and sizes. Each venue is complemented by quality service, accommodation and a range of all inclusive, highly qualified technological support.


Porto´s airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro, has 70 flight destinations and works together with 18 airline companies. It is located just 11km from the city centre is quick and easy to get to via metro – this cheap and easy access is a key element in drawing people to Porto.

With its dynamic business environment, good infrastructure and specialized work, Porto is the perfect place for generating business success. The excellent telecommunication system and modern road network, combined with the excellent quality of life, make Porto a place to invest in.

Benefitting from its geographic location on the West Coast of Europe and in the convergence of three continents, Porto offers a superb business platform for markets in the US and the rest of the American continent, offering several competitive advantages to foreign investors, particularly because of the flexible work laws in the country and applicable fiscal incentives. Many multinational companies from a wide range of sectors meet in Portugal, particularly in Porto, where it is considered a special work place.


Various IR&D units are located in Porto and across the Northern Region. Some are linked to private and public higher education institutes, others, privately run. Various Technology and Knowledge Transfer Centres lead a set of activities, which are designed to formalize the transfer of the rights of use and marketing of new discoveries and innovations resulting from scientific research for industry.


the country´s biggest asset, especially Porto´s, is its people. The truly differentiating factor is the way the Portuguese receive and organize their visitors, immediately making them feel at home. In Portugal, the commitment is to satisfy your wishes and we will do everything to honour this commitment.

Published 22-03-2016