The meaning of displaying the Web Accessibility Icon

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Displaying the web accessibility icon does not guarantee that the website is 100% accessible. Its use "denotes that webmasters are concerned about providing the site with accessibility features to accommodate the needs of disabled users." (NCAM).

Displaying this icon is a voluntary act that shows merely an effort to increase the accessibility of a site. It does not correspond to any certification process undertaken by any certification authority.

There is no way of guaranteeing that a website displaying this icon is 100% accessible or even that it is designed according to accessibility guidelines.

Rules - Accessibility Guidelines in Use
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - 2.0 of W3C


Great effort was made to use Web Standards. We have combined a semantically and structurally correct code with content isolation (xhtml/html), design (css) and interactivity (dom scripting).

This portal was optimized for Web browsers Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 11+, Chrome 10+ and Safari and 5+.

We recommend the use of the potentialities of each operating system's accessibilities. In the case of Windows Operating System the use of the Magnifier and the Accessibility Wizard (found under Start> All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility) significantly increases accessibility to this site. We recommend the BBC website: BBC My Web, My Way (in English). This site has excellent tutorials on how to change the browser, operating system or computer in order to increase accessibility in web pages.