Christmas in Porto

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In Porto, Christmas is a very special time. From the religious and pagan traditions, to the gastronomy, this is a good time to discover the essence of the city and the region.


The celebrations begin in early December, with the ritual of preparing our homes for the christmas time. To put up the Christmas tree, decorating it with colourful baubles and tinsels, putting christmas decorations throughout the house, are activities that bring the family together and start the season’s excesses.​ 

... the gastronomic side of Christmas

In Porto, salt cod fills the tables in Christmas time, with lots of olive oil and accompanied with many vegetables. You can find other salt cod dishes, such as bolinhos de bacalhau (salt cod croquettes) or bacalhau com grelos (salt cod with greens). In some tables there are also filled with some octopus dishes: octopus rice, octopus croquettes or even boiled octopus. As for sweets, the table will not lack in rabanadas (french toasts), mexidos, bolo-rei, sonhos (puffs), filhós (fritters), arroz-doce (rice pudding) and aletria. There are also those who delight in doces de bolina, fruit salad and nuts. The menu will be full of  puddings, leite-creme (custard), assorted cheeses, Port wine glasses or warm sweet wine, drink that warms the whole family through the night.

... unique experiences at special prices

This is a festive season that entices moments of union and sharing. Enjoy our magnificent city and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Do not forget you can use the Porto.CARD to visit our city with numerous discounts and offers. On foot or with public transport, from 1 to 4 days, your christmas visit can become memorable and extremely economical with our city card. Porto knows how to welcome visitors and we are the first to want to do so. Come and be dazzled. As of November 30, Christmas is in the city and we are here to give you the best suggestions and provide you the best experiences.​

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Published 30-11-2018