Visit Porto, for your health!

Visit Porto, for your health!
Photo:  Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, ARCC BY-NC-ND - Some Rights Reserved

Well we know that the gastronomy of Porto is irresistible, capable of causing us to commit the greatest sins, and that the slopes of the city seem made only for the young, but do not let yourself be fooled: in Porto there is health and well-being to suit all tastes and ages!

Good weather, sun, green spaces, invigorating spas, fresh air, outdoor fitness equipment, clear waters, algae with therapeutic properties and one of the best European health systems are just some of the reasons that make Porto a destination of excellence when it comes to health and well-being.

Whether you've come to Porto to undergo some treatment, to get rid of stress, to regain energy or just take the weight off your age, we have the right suggestions for you.

Scattered around the city, there are several health facilities, but we want to go further and show you what Porto has to offer and that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about health.

Ever heard of the benefits of iodine? Well, with about 3km of coast, Porto has loads of iodine! Our body cannot produce it and the lack of it causes innumerable damages to health, upsets the weight’s functions and even in the functioning of the digestive system. With that in mind, grab your bike or your sneakers, stroll along the beaches of Porto and ... take a deep breath. If you come in the summer, do not forget your bathing suit!

Of course, you will feel full of energy and want to continue. The City Park stretches out to the sea and has the ability to calm any state of mind. Featuring about 83 hectares, with eucalyptus and lakes, we guarantee you will leave it relaxed! And if you visit us in the summer, you can still take tai-chi and outdoor yoga classes.

The East Park is also a good option: the space follows the course of the Tinto River and the ground is mostly flat. Here you can take the opportunity of the Porto Antistress programme, which features exercises to combat stress all year-round, rain or shine, outdoors or inside the Lagarteiro Municipal Pavilion. Participation is always free, just show up at the venue.

If you like doing gymnastics on fitness equipment, there are parks in the city, such as Quinta do Covelo, that have this kind of equipment.

Whatever is your choice, we are here to help you plan a healthy vacation to suit all ages and fitness shapes.

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Published 27-12-2018