Trip by sailing boat on the River Douro between the Carrapatelo and Crestuma dams: “VELA EQUADOR”

Private sailing trips of varying duration including the possibility of a meal at a restaurant or picnic-style meal served while sailing, at a nature park, on a river beach or at the Ilha dos Amores. A welcome glass of port is served on all of the trips. Weather permitting, stops will also be made for passengers to take a swim. The trips visit less populated parts of the River Douro which are stunning for their tranquillity and unique natural beauty.

  • Type of tour: Cruises River Douro
  • Promoter: Vela Equador, by Turismo do Porto
  • Tel.: +351 300501920
  • Price per person: Full day-€220/boat (max. 5 people); Half day-€180/boat (max. 5 people); 1 ½ hours-€25 pax; 3 hours-€35 pax; 4 hours-€45 pax; 4 hours with restaurant lunch-€70 pax (A fifth person travels free on all the trips). Children: aged<5-free; 6-10 - 50% off.
  • Departure times: Advance booking is always required.
  • Ticket validity: Ticket valid for 30 days.
  • Notices: Total support and assistance provided by the skipper and mate.
  • Notes: Los paseos se realizan con un mínimo de 2 personas y un máximo de 5. A lunch/snack (in the style of a picnic) may be included with regional products for an additional fee of €10 per person. Tenemos servicio de Transfer. (Precio a combinar según el lugar, ej: Porto/Entre-os-Rios/ Porto en coche de 7 plazas: 70€)
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