Freixo Bridge

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  • Address: Via de Cintura Interna,
  • Cost: Free(-)
  • Tags: River Douro
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  • On the outskirts and the furthest upstream of all the city's bridges, it was built by Professor António Reis and engineer Daniel de Sousa and was inaugurated in September 1995. The bridge consists of a portico, with a 150 metre main expanse, made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete. A number of new technologies were employed in its construction. It may be thought of as a double bridge since it consists of two twinned expanses which run 10 metres apart along its full 705 metre length. Crossed by the A20 motorway, it links the Estádio de Dragão (Dragão Stadium) area in Porto to Oliveira do Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia.
  • GPS: 41.144665, -8.581116
  • Bus: STCP - 205, STCP - 400, STCP - ZR


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