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Douro Cruises Porto Card Porto | Régua | Barca D’Alva | Porto- Tomaz do Dou ...
Cruises River Douro
6.45 am – Passengers gather at the Campanhã railway Station – Porto.
7.15 am – Departure by train* to Régua.
9.08 am – Estimated arrival time at Régua. Walk to the wharf.

Passengers boarding and departure to Barca D`Alva.
- Breakfast on aboard.
- Passage by Bagaúste Dam.
- Passage by Pinhão.
- Appetizer and lunch served on aboard.
- Passage by Valeira Dam.
- Passage by Pocinho Dam.
- Snack service on board.

5.30 pm – Estimated arrival time at Barca D`Alva.
- Transfer to Pocinho railway station.

7.08 pm – Departure by train* to Porto.
11.15 pm – Estimated arrival time at Porto.
End of our services.
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Discovering the Douro Discovering the Douro (Peso da Régua)
Cruises River Douro
Across a landscape interlaced with the green of the riverbanks and the blue of the Douro river, embark on a cruise heading to Peso da Régua, a city known for the Port wine. Enjoy the emblematic landscapes with plenty of vineyards, visit the Douro Museum, have lunch and do a tasting of the region's wines.

Private tour (maximum 12 people), lunch included for two in the Douro Museum. Pick-up and drop-off at the accommodation.
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Douro Cruises Porto Card PORTO - PINHÃO – PORTO – Tomaz do Douro
Cruises River Douro
9.00 am – Meeting point and boarding at the Estiva or Ribeira quay (Cais da Estiva ou Ribeira) – Porto.
Departure for Pinhão.
Breakfast served aboard.
Passage through the Crestuma/Lever Dam.
Aperitifs served aboard.
Lunch served aboard.
Passage through Carrapatelo Dam.
4.30 pm – Stop at Régua – disembarkation and boarding of passengers.
Passage through Bagaúste Dam.
Snack served aboard.
7.30 pm – Estimated time of arrival in Pinhão.
8.03 pm – Departure by train* for Porto.
11.20 pm – Estimated time of arrival in Porto.
End of trip.
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Trip by sailing boat on the River Douro between the Carrapatelo and Crestuma dams: “VELA EQUADOR” Trip by sailing boat on the River Douro between th ...
Cruises River Douro
Private sailing trips of varying duration including the possibility of a meal at a restaurant or picnic-style meal served while sailing, at a nature park, on a river beach or at the Ilha dos Amores. A welcome glass of port is served on all of the trips. Weather permitting, stops will also be made for passengers to take a swim. The trips visit less populated parts of the River Douro which are stunning for their tranquillity and unique natural beauty.
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FeelDouro Porto Card Funny – Two-hour ride – Feel Douro
Cruises River Douro
Take a break from your routine and fill your day with a ride on the Douro River with a two-hour programme, departing from Douro Marina, passing by the six bridges over the Douro River, up to the Freixo Bridge. Feel Douro will offer you a drink so that you can enjoy this ride even more.
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Bridges Cruise – Tomaz do Douro Porto Card Six Bridges Cruise – Tomaz do Douro
Cruises River Douro
The Six Bridges Cruise is carried out by Rabelo Boats, which are the boats originally used to transport the Port Wine barrels from the Douro Region to Gaia / Porto.
Nowadays these boats have been totally adapted to the transport of passengers with the maximum comfort and they possess the most modern equipment of navigation. In 50 minutes you can enjoy a visit from the Historic Center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, up to Freixo upstream and to the mouth of Douro, downstream.
Take the opportunity to enjoy a rich and breathtaking landscape while you learn the history of the 6 bridges that unite Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto, as well as other points of interest of these two cities.
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FeelDouro Porto Card Happy Day – One day – Feel Douro
Cruises River Douro
Enjoy a special day, total relaxation and rest. During the ride, from the Douro Marina to the Crestuma dam, Entre-os-Rios, Régua or Pinhão you will be able to stop several times to dive into the waters of the River Douro or just enjoy the scenery and the chosen location to dock. You will also have the opportunity to find out what is like to drive a boat and hold the rudder, as well as share a lunch on board with your friends and family.
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Bridges Cruise – Turisdouro Porto Card Bridges Cruise – Turisdouro
Cruises River Douro
Panoramic tour in a rabelo boat that allows you to see the bridges on the River Douro.
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Bridges Cruise – Douro Acima Porto Card 6 Bridges Cruise – Douro Acima
Cruises River Douro
50 minutes trip along the banks of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia on a traditional Rabelo boat.
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FeelDouro Porto Card Porto Moon – 3 hours with dinner on board – Feel ...
Cruises River Douro
Ideal for your late afternoon and evening in a party mood! A tour followed by dinner on board to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a unique moment for two or among friends and family. From the decoration with flowers, candles and background music to the catering selection, we have considered all requirements to ensure that, along with the possibility of sailing in the Douro River and contemplate its landscape; you can also enjoy a unique moment!
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