New Year's Eve in Porto to the sound of Blind Zero and Os Azeitonas

Welcoming the new year in the main living room of the city, Avenida dos Aliados, which is also one of the biggest outdoor stages in the country, will be given by Blind Zero and Os Azeitonas, in what will be the last concert of the band with Miguel Araújo. There will be the traditional firework, which this year will also have even more surprises.

As in other major cities in Europe and in the world, Porto has been preparing great shows in its main living room to mark the start of the new year, offering more entertainment to the people of Porto and, at the same time, stimulating domestic and foreign tourism and the social, commercial and economic dynamics of the centre of Porto. This time, the night of the end of the year will again be entertained by two national bands. From 10,30pm on December 31st, Blind Zero, led by Miguel Guedes (from Porto), take the stage of the  Aliados. Recognized for their energy on stage and on their way to release their eighth album, Blind Zero will bid farewell to 2016 with a special concert on the biggest stage of the city, recalling some of the most outstanding songs of their 20 years such as “Slow Time Love”, “Shine On” and “Recognize”, among many others.

At midnight, and as is tradition in Porto, there will be a fireworks show, which will be launched from the City Hall and from several buildings on Avenida dos Aliados. This year, with several surprises and an unprecedented countdown, after 11.55pm. At 12,30am and already as hosts of the arrival of 2017, the music continues with Os Azeitonas, in what will be the last concert of the band with Miguel Araújo, who will exclusively be dedicated to his solo career. As always, Os Azeitonas promise a show full of energy and good disposition and in which will have the main hits of the band, such as “Anda Comigo Ver os Aviões”, “Ray-Dee-Oh” or the latest “Cinegirasol”.

Among the novelties of the New Year's programme are three alternative venues in the surrounding area of Aliados, respectively in Praça de D. João I, Praça dos Poveiros and Praça dos Leões. The aim is to ease the pressure on Aliados and to propose different styles of music to all those who want to celebrate New Year's Eve in the city centre.


Avenida dos Aliados

10:30pm-11:50pm Blind Zero

11:55pm Countdown

12:00am-12:15am Pyromusical show

12:30am-2:30am Os Azeitonas

Praça D. João I

10:30pm-1:00am DJ Rodrigo Affreixo

1.00am-3:00am DJ Set Holy Nothing

Praça dos Poveiros

10:30pm-1:00am DJ Isidro Lisboa

1:00am-3:00am DJ Set Throes + The Shine

Praça dos Leões

10:30pm-3:00am DJ Sete Magníficos


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Published 29-12-2016