Bolhão market arrives at Metro station

Those who pass by the Bolhão Metro station will find, these days, a promotional space of the Bolhão Market. It will also be, over the coming weeks, in other Metro stations, with the purpose of divulging to the citizens the Temporary Market of Bolhão, which opens in early May.

The initiative, created by Porto City Hall in partnership with Metro do Porto, simultaneously runs with Bolhão's customer loyalty campaign. Both are intended to involve the city in the historical moment by which the Market is going through - with its monumental building will finally have deep restoration and remodeling works - and to support its merchants in the move to the Temporary Market of Bolhão.

At the La Vie shopping centre, in Rua de Fernandes Tomás, 84 traders and businesses from Bolhão will open their stalls on May 2nd. In a space resized to receive them, they will continue to serve with the quality that has become a tradition in Porto. To create shopping habits in this temporary place, knowing that in it lives the soul of Bolhão, is the City Hall’s objective, but also extends to all the people of Porto.

You can find more about the Bolhão Temporary Market here.


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Published 16-04-2018