TAP resumes flights in Porto

​TAP's strategy concerning Porto seems to be definitely changing. After 2015, the Portuguese airline, mainly owned by the Portuguese State, decided to extinguish several routes from Porto Airport, concentrating the operation in Lisbon, but the new administration is committed to reverse the previous scenario and announced new routes after next year.

In July 2019, Porto Airport will have two daily connections to the decision-making centre of the European Union (Brussels). In September 2019, the Porto-Lyon route starts, with two daily flights; in the same month, the airline also begins a daily connection to Munich.

In addition to the new routes, note the increase of weekly flights for New York and Madrid. For the "Big Apple", TAP claims to triple its offer, since the current two links per week will increase to six. In turn, the connection to Madrid increases with nine more weekly flights, that is, instead of 12 it will have 19 flights between Porto and the capital of Spain.

As early as next October, TAP announces that changes will be made to the air bridge. With the main objective of increasing the punctuality in this specific case, "flight schedules will be optimized, creating greater aircraft ground rotation times between flights, from the current 30 minutes to 60 minutes, which is only possible with the addition of one more airplane to the fleet, which now has a total of nine aircrafts".

As a result of this reorganization, the first flight in Lisbon leaves at 6am instead of the usual 7am, which makes a total of 18 flights per day in each direction.

According to the Portuguese airline, "this is the largest offer of flights ever in Porto", translating into 322 flights per week, with more than 88 weekly flights than those available in 2015.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 10-09-2018