Porto Metro breaks record

​More than six million passengers used Metro do Porto during the month of October, which corresponds to a "new record of monthly demand".

According to a statement from the company, quoted by the news agency Lusa, the six Metro lines were used by a total of six million and 126 thousand people, a "historical record high" in demand which represents a growth of over 400 thousand validations, corresponding to an additional 8,3% than in the same month of last year. The Metro's best monthly milestone occurred in May of this year: 5,9 million travelers.

Also, the average number of validations on business days has now reached an "absolute record" of 237 thousand registered in October.

The company explained that the numbers over the last months indicate that 2018 will be "the best year ever" in Metro’s demand.

"By the end of October, the accumulated number of passengers already sums up 52,1 million, which represents a growth of approximately two million and around 3,6% over the previous year," says Metro do Porto.

According to the company, 2017 was the "best year ever" since 2003, when it began its commercial operation, with over 60,6 million validations.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 08-11-2018