Port Wine Museum has already opened

​The new Port Wine Museum tells the story of Port Wine and its relationship with the city, through the way the Porto government carried out the mission of inspecting the trade.

In the new premises of Rua da Reboleira no. 5, with entrance also by Muro dos Bacalhoeiros and facing the Wine Cellars of Gaia, the Port Wine Museum displays maps designed by Baron of Forrester, measurement gauges used in the wine trade, historical documents, art reproductions of rabelos boats or an interactive display with vast information through which the visitor can "navigate".

On four floors of a rehabilitated building in the Historic Centre World Heritage Site, the Museum enables very close contact with every detail of the history of a world-famous product that is also the history of Porto.

Indeed, intrinsically linked to the economic, social and cultural development of the city and the region, Port Wine is the theme, reason and pretext for deepening the relationship that the municipal government has established with the trade and consumption of this drink.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 06-03-2019