Nun'Álvares Cinema reopens as a Jazz Club

​The new jazz club in Porto strikes the right note! The former Cinema Nun'Álvares, located at Rua de Guerra Junqueiro, reopened on 6 April as a jazz club. Expect no less than live jazz music performances as the newly renamed The Hot Five Jazz&Blues Club - Uptown features a resident band set up by Carlos Azevedo (drums), João Paulo Rosado (double bass), Ricardo Formoso (trumpet) and Miguel Santiago (drums), with leading musician and "one of a kind Jeffrey Davis, the best vibraphonist in the field", as stated by musician and entrepreneur Alberto Índio.

Alberto Índio, who inaugurated the Hot Five of the Largo Ator Dias thirteen years ago, highlighted that the new venue will keep its movie references, including the movie screen, the stairs and the stage, and also the original film projection machine.

The club also offers a bar that pours Port wine and Douro wines and concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In addition, there will be a weekly humour show, on Sundays, and the debut is a performance by Francisco Menezes and Miguel Sete Estacas.

The Nun'Álvares Cinema was inaugurated in 1959 and closed in 2006. It would reopen in 2009 but it shut doors in 2011. Currently the club has a seat capacity of 200.


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Published 09-04-2019