Families Seek Creatures of Darkness

​Next Friday, May 10th, is the chosen night to discover with your family the creatures of darkness that inhabit the City Park. The municipal programme ‘Ambiente em Família’ takes you on the discovery of the nocturnal animals of that place, beginning at 8:30 pm at ‘Centro de Educação Ambiental -CEA’ (Environmental Education Centre) from the Park’s Rural Hub.

The initiative will be guided by Jael Palhas, from ‘Centro de Ecologia Funcional’ (Centre for Functional Ecology) of the University of Coimbra, accompanied by other collaborators of the project ‘Noite das Criaturas das Trevas’, which investigate animals such as amphibians, bats, birds of prey, night butterflies or arachnids.

The participants will be able to observe different groups of fauna and, through a set of activities of scientific dissemination, to get to know species often associated with myths and superstitions, the supernatural or witchcraft. Due to these popular beliefs, some nocturnal animals are subject to persecution, a behaviour that contributes to unfavourable conservation states of many species.

Participation in the session is free but requires pre-registration via the email address dm.gestaoambiente@cm-porto.pt. It is intended for the general population and families, and children (over 6 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult throughout the session.

+ Info: See the annual programming of ‘Ambiente em Família’.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 08-05-2019