Museums celebrate tradition on international day

​The festival of museums is drawing near and Porto is issuing an invitation for its citizens to get to know the city’s memories better. Next Saturday (18 May) marks the International Museum Day and Sunday the European Museum Night (19 May).
There are more than 30 museums and 70 activities on offer for different publics, including presentations, talks, dance, exhibitions, music, workshops, theatre and guided visits promoted by Porto Town Hall. There will be a “museuspaper” activity offering three ways of participating freely - Small Circuit (3 museums), Large Circuit (6 museums) and Mega Circuit (9 museums) - and challenges participants to respond correctly to questions related to each of the spaces or exhibitions, offering gifts for those who get the answers correct.

“Museums as cultural centres: the future of tradition” is the theme of the programme this year which offers an extensive list of places to visit, many with extended opening hours so as to mark this day. Much of what is on offer can be accessed freely or at a reduced price, with some activities requiring previous enrolment to participate in them.

International Museum Day has been celebrated since 1977 and was proposed by ICOM (International Council of Museums), which functions as a consultative body for UNESCO. The European Museum Night emerged as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France, and was gradually followed by the museums of other countries, as was the case with Portugal.

+Info: 2019 Programme

Source: Porto.

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Published 15-05-2019