1st positive carbon footprint

​Porto stands out again at the forefront of environmental sustainability: the city's Sea Life has announced that it has reached the goal of a positive carbon footprint, which means it is removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases.

The aquarium from Porto says to have anticipated by 30 years the goals of the Paris Agreement by making its carbon footprint positive, being the first venue to do so in Portugal, but also the first of the Merlin Entertainment group worldwide.

According to the aquarium "For several years, Sea Life Porto has been increasingly concerned about the oceans and the planet", saying it is crucial to be "at the forefront of the fight against the climate crisis" and underlining that it has reached that goal in the year it celebrates their 10th anniversary. "This is the maximum contribution we can make to the planet and we hope it will serve as an example for those around us," says Rui Ferreira, Sea Life’s director general, for whom "the fact that we did not stop only with carbon neutrality shows that our commitment to the planet and oceans is total".

Going beyond what the Paris Agreement foresees and trying to get others to follow the same path are goals of Sea Life Porto which, to carry out this project, bought green energy, making all its consumption sustainable during 2019.

At the same time, the aquarium from Porto covered the building's roof with solar panels, located next to Castelo do Queijo, and developed a consumption reduction plan that included the installation of energy frequency inverters and the replacement of halogen lamps with LED technology, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

The last step to offset the remaining emissions was the acquisition of carbon offset credits through a global UN programme and sponsorship of renewable energy production.

According to the data revealed, Sea Life Porto's carbon footprint is 1,108 tons per year, offsetting 105% in line with the international standard ISO 14021: 2016. Carbon footprint’s offset was calculated by including all emissions from the daily aquarium activity, from energy and fuel consumed to the travel of all visitors and staff throughout the year.

In addition to the debut of this new condition in Portugal, it should also be noted that the attraction from Porto was the first to achieve this goal among Merlin Entertainment's more than 130 attractions in 25 countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania.

With 5,000 square meters in size, Sea Life is a space for culture, entertainment and learning. In addition to providing a discovery experience of the marine world, it promotes the conservation of species through social awareness and education. Penguins, clownfish, lionfish, blacktip shark and seahorses are some of the hundreds of freshwater and marine species that currently inhabit the 32 installed aquariums, besides the underwater tunnel, the first in Portugal and which has over 500,000 litters of water.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 01-10-2019