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Miradouro dos Clérigos: Visita Aventura
Blogger: Ana Maria Pinto
Up there, the viewpoint! Viewpoints! Yes, there is the possibility of having a 360º view of the city, on two floors.
La grande fuga - Porto low cost
Blogger: Justine
I was dazed for two days at the riverbank, repeating to myself, "What I see is so beautiful it seems unreal."
This Is The Hot European City All Your Cool Friends Are Talking About
Blogger: Emily Holland
...a port town full of natural beauty, strong and delicious wine, and kind people. It turned out that my favorite parts of Porto were accessible to those on a budget, too.
48 horas en Oporto… pura esencia atlántica
Blogger: Miriam Querol
… itself until it is reveals the Atlantic and lively essence that invades it from top to bottom, from the cone-shaped roofs where one would like to be a cat to its network of effervescent streets towards the Douro and its greatest treasure, wine.
Luvia y saudade en Oporto
Blogger: Haritz Rodriguez
If it rains, it is preferable not to despair and try to enjoy the city as much as possible. Because there are also things to see and do in Porto on a rainy and saudade day.
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