Ó! Galeria

  • Exhibition centres and Art galleries
  • Art galleries,
  • Address: Rua Miguel Bombarda, 61, 4050-381 Porto
  • Tel.: +351 930558047
  • Website: http://ogaleria.com
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-20:00
  • Tags: Miguel Bombarda
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  • Project that aims to give notice to and trade works of different authors with a unique selection of illustrations, drawings, books fanzines and design pieces.
    The following authors participate in this project: Mariana, a Miserável; Julio Dolbeth; Rui Vitorino dos Santos; Hélia Aluai; Leonor Zamith; Tamara Alves; Luzia Brandão; Skinkape; Yara Kono; Maja B.K.; Sara Louise Tucker; Gemma Correl; David Penela; Wasted Rita; André da Loba; Rita Roque; Dylan Silva; Lara Luís; Ivo Hoogvelt; Mariana Malhão; Paula Bonet; Maria Herreros; Mariana Rio; Catarina Gomes; Luis Cepa; Susa Monteiro; Aurea Praga; Joana Pinto; Helena Perez Garcia; Ana Melo aka Amalteia; Rafaela Rodrigues; Padure; Carolina Celas; José Roda; Cachete jack; Tina Siuda; Alexandra Ramires; Noa Snir; Aitch; Amelie Fontaine; Susana Carvalhinhos; Inês Coias; Daniel Moreira; Silvia Rodrigues; Ricardo Cavolo; Bárbara Fonseca; Elisa Talentino; Yara Kono; Inma Lorente; Virginie Morgand; Eleonora Arosio; Emmanuel Kerner; Tiago Galo; Sara Cunha; Inês Costa; Adolfo Serra; Laura Liedo; Ester Garcia; Chloé Perarnaud; Karol Banach; Barbara Rocha; Laura Castelló; Joana Estrela; Cátia Vidinhas; Ana Seixas; Barbara Fonseca and Min.
  • GPS: 41.1497022, -8.6203195
  • E-mail: ogaleria@ogalerial.com
  • Bus: STCP - 200, STCP - 201, STCP - 207, STCP - 208, STCP - 300, STCP - 301, STCP - 302, STCP - 501, STCP - 507, STCP - 601, STCP - 602, STCP - 12M, STCP - 13M
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  • Recommended for: Couples, Young people, Families, Seniors


Hotel S. Marino Hotel S. Marino
Located in the city centre, in Praça Carlos Alberto and next to the historical centre. It offers free WI-FI service in all rooms and in all common are...
Pão de Açucar Hotel Pão de Açucar Hotel
Located next to Avenida dos Aliados, it has 52 rooms with private bathroom, hairdryer, air-conditioning, telephone, wireless internet and mini bar; a...
Casa do Pinheiro Casa do Pinheiro
Renovated eighteenth century house renovated with traditional construction methods. It has a 4 person 70m² duplex apartment and a 35m² studio apartmen...
ROSA ET AL Townhouse ROSA ET AL Townhouse
Guest houses
Located in the most trendy art district of Porto, surrounded by art galleries, artist's studios and concept stores, ROSA ET AL Townhouse is made by tr...
Onda Tropical Burguer - D. Manuel II Onda Tropical Burguer - D. Manuel II
The Group Onda Tropical Burguer came on the scene in 1996 filling a gap in the market which existed between the fast food establishments and the tradi...
Tascö Tascö
Tascö specializes in Portuguese tapas, made for order and served in aluminum dishes, also offering an uncommon wine list.
Trinkas Petisqueira Lounge  Trinkas Petisqueira Lounge
Trinkas delivers its clients a `beyond the palate` journey through Portugal. It seeks to present the most typical and traditional that our regional ga...
Nogueira Nogueira's Porto
Nogueira's Porto restaurant is housed in a historic building in the heart of Porto's nightlife, features a unique space, divided between an imposing b...
British Cemetery British Cemetery
By the eighteenth century, the British colony in Porto proceeded to burials in the bank of the river Douro, during the low tide. After many negotiatio...
Father Américo Father Américo
Statues & Sculptures
It was created by Henrique Moreira and inaugurated in August 1961. This bronze statue remembers Father Américo, standing up, lined by two "gaiatos" ...
Church of S. Bento da Vitória Church of S. Bento da Vitória
Religious venues
Inaugurated in 1707, this temple is monumental, spacious and luxurious.The interior is filled with wood panelling and gilded carving. The high cho...
Praça Carlos Alberto Praça Carlos Alberto
Streets & Gardens
During centuries it was called Praça dos Ferradores (Square of Blacksmiths), who had their workshops there.In the 18th century, the Palace of Visconde...