Easter by Porto.CARD!


Easter is synonymous with spiritual renewal, spring temperatures, longer days and sunny days that calls for you to enjoy the environment outdoors.
If you are not yet on vacation, take a city break in Porto on the Easter’s long weekend, to discover the most traditional suggestions of the season and save lots of money with Porto.CARD.

1 – Heritage
- Cathedral
Stopping in the heart of the Historic Centre to visit the Cathedral and see the tiles and liturgical objects of the Cloisters is a must during this period of religious worship and spiritual rebirth. (35% off): Take the opportunity to be a part of Holy Week’s celebrations that take place in the Cathedral (35%).

- Museum of Sacred Art and Archaeology
In addition to the museum where you can admire the Nossa Senhora da Purificação Retable and the 14 reliquary busts, you can now also visit the towers of S. Lourenço Church and enjoy views overlooking the river and city monuments (50% off).

- Museu da Misericórdia
Harmoniously combining avant-garde architecture with an award-winning collection of sacred art and portraiture from the 15th to 17th centuries, the museum also features one of the most outstanding works, the famous Renaissance Flemish panel “Fons Vitae” (Fountain of Life) from the 16th century. (50% off).

- Biodiversity Hall – CCV
Housed in the Botanical Garden of Porto, a museum space to discover where art meets biology and natural history, stimulating the sensory experiences of the whole family (50% off).

2 - Port Wine – cellars
Easter is also associated with four moments, marked by a glass of Port wine. To taste Port wine is to renew the senses, so be sure to visit the Port wine cellars and learn its history (up to 50% off).

- Tasting Room - Vinhos de Portugal
If you are a Portuguese wines lover, take the opportunity to taste the wines from the different regions of the country in the Sala de Provas Vinhos de Portugal (20% off) in a one-stop place.

3 – Gastronomy
- Traditional lunches and dinners
Easter is associated with long family lunches. With Porto.CARD you will find the restaurants with the best traditional Portuguese cuisine: roast kid, oven rice, roasted suckling pig and pão-de-ló (sponge cake) are some of the typical gastronomic options of the season (up to 20% off).

- Sugar Almonds and chocolates
For those who cannot do without Easter sweets, the shops of Porto.CARD are a must stop. It is impossible to resist the sugar almonds and chocolates, of hand-made and made on the premises, Confeitaria Arcádia (10% off) and the Chocolataria Equador (10% off).

- Traditional sweets and savoury food
For lunch or to snack, typical sweets pão de ló (sponge cake) and savoury food from Casa das Tortas are irresistible (10% off).

Also use the card to benefit up to a 50% discount on 24-hour tickets in the city centre car parks. If you prefer free and unlimited access to public transport, choose one of Porto.CARD’s options with transport included!

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    If you like to participate in religious celebrations and initiatives, there are several events taking place in the city's churches during Holy Week, which precedes Easter Sunday. In addition to the usual masses, there are concerts of sacred music and the traditional Easter visit in some places of the city. Get more information at one of the Official Tourism Offices.